[4e] Dark Sun Marauders cast of characters

Beren, Mul Guardian & Battlerager Fighter 7
Beren is bred as a slave, workings in the mines of Tyr from the time he is able to hold a hammer. While he is a generally good worker he has a stubborn streak, often arguing with his supervisor. The supervisor tolerates this for a short while, but eventually has had enough and "arranges" for him to be sent to the furnaces.

Beren works at the furnaces for a couple of years, until one day he rescues the mine owner's son from a fatal accident when the lad is almost knocked into the roaring hot flames. His quick thinking and selfless act draws attention from the owner and Beren is transferred to the the gladiator pits for training, where he at least has a chance of survival. When he is not in the gladiator pits fighting for the enjoyment of the spectators, he is used as bodyguard by the family.

While the Fall of Kalak has seen slaves freed in Tyr, for Beren and most other slaves with him this is only in name only...

Word gets to his owner's family that Flame (the rescued son) is in trouble, and Beren is ordered to retrieve him. Knowing refusal or failure would end up with him back at the furnaces, or worse, he calls on his friends for assistance...

Beren's iplay4e character sheet 

Garidias Kasparov, Eladrin Dune Trader & Tactical Warlord 7

Garidias is an enigmatic Eladrin who hates arcane magic, like most people, and will think of anyone wielding it as evil. He may not try to kill them on sight, but there will be a strong tendency to do whatever is required to stop them defiling the world.

He values 'innocence' very highly, while considering it extremely rare, and will try to protect anyone he thinks of as 'innocent', e.g. children, or someone who has proven that they are not deceptive or self serving, or who refuses to be violent. He is not a fool, and will assume most adults are not innocent unless there is evidence otherwise, but he is always on the lookout for signs.... Garidias naturally thinks of his own innocence as lost many years ago.

He also believes in being fair and will avoid combat with an opponent he considers clearly too weak to be a challenge.

Garidias' iplay4e character sheet

Kuroar!, Half-Giant Mercenary & Rageblood Barbarian 7

Kuroar!'s iplay4e character sheet

Gretchan, Human Noble Adept & Telekinetic Psion 7

Gretchan's iplay4e character sheet

Kulo,, Half-Giant Gladiator & Chain Fighter 7

Kulo,'s iplay4e character sheet

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